Why working abroad can help you in your future career?

Sometimes out of fear, because we don’t have have the fluency in the local language our  becaue parents don’t want us to leave alone in a foreigner country for so long… There are many excuses and obstacles that we put ourselves for fear of the unknown and because you are very comfortable in the comfort, aren´t you?

However, sometimes we need a push, someone to motivate us to make the leap to a new life, and we can help you to make that leap!

Accept a job that's not my field, yes or no?

Clearly the answer is YES! Because obviously working in a middle position in marketing, as an engineer or just dealing with customers, you’ll need a fluid level in English and with a fluid level in English I don’t mean a b2 scraping…

Some people are looking for jobs that are less operational but they clearly cannot choose because their level of English or experience is not optimal to apply in a foreigner  country. So what jobs can I apply to?

We have different categories depending on your previous experience and language skills:

- Hospitality in hotels:

Our most popular program that allows you to improve English and live a 100% local immersion without spending almost anything! Hotels provide accommodation (depending on the place is shared), meals and a salary according to country agreement and position.

In this program, the most demanded positions to work in hotels abroad are usually as a receptionist in Front Office, waiter in F&B or chef of kitchen but if you do not have a good level of English, you can opt for positions that do not require a treatment to the public as housekeeper or diswaher and as you improve the language you can be eligible for other departments.

- Farms in Norway:

If you like nature and outdoor jobs this is a good choice! There are temporary food collection jobs where companies  provide you with accommodation and a salary of from 1600 euros per month.

They don’t ask for experience but a basic level of English to be able to communicate with the workers and a good physical condition.

- Logistics and warehouse work in the UK:

Working in logistics in the UK sometimes requires a good level of English but it will all depend on the position you apply. The most demanded positions are: warehouse operator positions, forklift drivers or packaging. Couples are accepted and there is no age limit.

- Jobs as a chef in the USA:

The USA J-1 program provides a great opportunity for cooking profiles such as chef, sous chef, pastry chefs, bakers… These are paid jobs in 4* and 5* hotels within the J-1 program with salaries from $2000 per month. You can work for up to 18 months in any U.S. city. Hotels do not provide accommodation, but we will offer assistance in finding accommodation close to the company. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

- Work as a teacher in USA or China.

Working as a teacher abroad is another alternative to a specific sector such as teaching. In this case, if a fluid level of English is required to be able to teach Spanish or English as well as certificates of degrees accrediting level of study and experience as a teacher. There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done, but if your dream is to be an English or Spanish teacher abroad This is a great opportunity!

Additional resources while working abroad

If you’re moving abroad, but your level of English is still low  we highly recommend you to use as many resources as possible! Read news or books in English, watch movies in original version, listen to music… all the ways are good for improving your English.

Join groups in meetup.com where they offer cultural exchanges. It’s a way to meet people while practicing the language.

Surround yourself with locals or foreigners. Sometimes out of fear or comfort there are people who prefer to be accompanied by the couple or a friend but it is an option that should not be contemplated since the local immersion and the learning is never so effective nor so fast so this kind of experience is always advisable to do it alone.

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