Why intern in a Middle Eastern country?

The first thing it comes up to anyone when thinks about UAE is luxury. Unlike Europe, UAE, in particular Dubai, has a global feel to it in the truest sense of the word.

All UAE states welcome people from all over the world. The buzzing atmosphere, the booming economy and the welcoming nature of its people make it an ideal place to relocate to. If you found yourself unsure about selecting UAE for your internship abroad, then go through this list of best-kept secrets about Dubai internships to change your mind.

1. Majestic landscapes

UAE is one of the popular destinations for internships abroad and it’s not hard to figure out why. Nowhere else you will find a desert five minutes driving away from skyscrapers and civilisation. A first-class environment in one step. All the luxurious fashion brands, the most desired cars and a wide range of leisure activities and tourist attractions than can imagine are all here!

Imagine skiing in 45 degrees? Of course! It´s possible only in UAE! Want to visit the tallest building in the world? Dubai´s Burj Khalifa is the tallest building with a height of 2,171 ft (0.83 kms). There’s much to see and do in UAE and as far as paid internships or worldwide internships go, Dubai is a hit!

2. Ladies count too!

 Despite other countries in the Middle East, the UAE states put great emphasis on gender equality. Women are treated with the same working rights as male colleagues. In fact, females can have high chances of growth and promotion and are hired once the internship is over.

So, if you are a female that has always wanted to work and live in the UAE, do not hesitate it and apply to our hospitality internship abroad program. You can be guaranteed you won’t regret it and you’ll enjoy it as a blast in your life and one journey not to be missed!

3. A multicultural place

Although the UAE economy is extremely depending on oil reserves, Dubai is the exception where tourism has become a boost industry. More and more expats from Europe, Asia and America live in UAE. Thus, it has adopted a lot of new religions, traditions and new cultures becoming a diverse and mixed society. The unique blend of these among the UAE communities makes the UAE, and in particular Dubai, a place to visit and live temporarily during your internship abroad. If you get hired beyond that, even better as it is a place to embark on a new journey within your life and a melting pot of cultures makes it a warm and welcoming city to live in.

So, don´t have prejudices about UAE and discover a place where tradition and innovation meet.

4. Hospitality industry, is they key!

As we mentioned earlier, tourism has become a boosted economy, foremost in Dubai. This has increased the demand for hospitality employees from overseas, especially in positions in front office and food & beverages. The hospitality industry in UAE is characterised by warmth of welcome and generosity; it combines tradition and the highest standards of modern service.

If you are a hospitality management student seeking for an outstanding experience within the hospitality industry, UAE is one of the top destinations worldwide. It offers high growing career opportunities and a unique atmosphere which you will no doubt love and develop a passion for. At GLOBIN we can help you realise that dream you’ve had for excelling in hospitality management and living in a world-class city.

5. Dress code

If you are working in a hotel, you must wear a uniform provided by the company. Outside, during your free time, tourists and foreigners are not required to wear the Emirati national dress unless you are in a desert safari or other location which invites you to wear one of the country’s national clothing.

However, women should keep in mind the clothing and try not to be disrespectful or very provocative. Some UAE states are more conservative than others and countries like Qatar or Oman are more severe with regard to women´s clothing. During your paid internship or if you are recruited afterwards, always keep in mind your dress sense and dress comfortably but with respect to Middle Eastern cultures.

6. Cost of living

Due to its high cost of living, doing an internship in other fields such as business or IT is not very common in UAE in terms of the benefits. Thus, at this moment, we are only keen to offer hospitality and marketing internships in UAE because hotels provide accommodation in a shared base, meals and a stipend between AED$500-1200 per month.

However, if you are a student or graduate seeking job opportunities in engineering, IT or construction we can help you! Nevertheless, take into account that you will need a lot of savings to cover your stay during your internship because companies do not offer any stipend to interns or graduates.

If you are wondering if living in UAE is expensive, the answer is YES! While the cost of living in the UAE fluctuates depending on the Emirate, overall, the cost is high. Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai have slipped in the global rankings for most expensive cities for expats. The most expensive state is Dubai and the cheapest one is Ajman but you can enjoy comfortable living while working in UAE and in particular Dubai which is a world-renowned city for luxury, style and comfort as well as booming with culture.

 Cost of Living for Single Person 
Abu Dhabi8,200 AED (2,230 USD) 
Ajman10,090 AED (2,750 USD) 
Dubai9,420 AED (2,565 USD) 

*Font: Internations.org 

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