Why consider an unpaid internship in Indonesia?

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and is a diverse country poised to explode onto the world stage. With over 18,000 islands this country has something for everyone. Those wanting to gain more experience in finance or journalism can head to the capital city of Jakarta, one of the biggest hubs in South East Asia with over ten million people and diverse ethnic backgrounds from all over Indonesia. 

Or perhaps you are interested in tourism or marketing for your internship abroad, then Bali will give you some great experience in a tropical paradise. Your internship abroad begins with Indonesia and you won’t be disappointed!

Indonesia’s economy has strengthened in recent years and it is becoming a major economic and trade strength within the region. Bali is a wonderful hotspot for a worldwide internship and to live and work for a while enjoying the sights, the culture and the inexpensive living. On the other hand, social aid and community are also one of the top industries in the country. Human rights, environmental issues and animal rights groups plus more, there are plenty of non-profit organisations looking for volunteers all year round to support their projects.

With an increasingly globalised economy undertaking an internship in Indonesia will give your CV the edge that will make you stand out to potential employers in your home country.

1. Cost of living

If you are coming to Indonesia for an internship, you are probably planning to stay in Indonesia for three to six months. Unlike well-compensated company-backed expatriate workers for whom most of their living arrangements are covered by the company, as a student or intern you are probably coming to Indonesia as an individual and you must arrange the visa, accommodation and transportation for yourself. Not to worry though; Indonesia is a haven for Westerners wanting to enjoy an internship and living in Bali, Jakarta or elsewhere in Indonesia temporarily. It is a wonderland of majestic sights and things to do so organising your journey there is well worth it!

Although you will need to pay for all these services, living in Indonesia is way less expensive than other internship abroad destinations. It allows interns to live comfortable with limited savings. You should expect to need approximately EUR$400-500 per month for all expenses such as accommodation and scooter rental fees, meals, internet mobile data and so on.

In Bali, our associated company provides different housing options for students at a cost of EUR$200 in a shared house. However, it´s up to the interns to decide whether to stay and what type of accommodation are more into it. If you want to live more locally, maybe consider a guesthouse or an Indonesian indekos.

2. Travel around

Doing an internship in Indonesia is a great chance to spend your free time discovering the country. Travelling to other islands is quite cheap so you can make the most of your experience by travelling and doing local tourism.

Meet and make Indonesian friends and learn a culture that has a lot to offer. Wild beaches, tropical forests, volcanoes, mystical temples, busy cities, all in one!

3. The culture

Indonesia is the most diverse and large archipelago in the world. It´s home to over two hundred and fifty million people, two hundred and forty religions and three hundred languages and dialects. Muslim is the most important religion with the exception in Bali island which is the only where Hinduism is the predominant religion.

Throughout the year, there are many festivals celebrated locally or island-wide according to the traditional calendars. Moreover, Bali is a major world surfing destination and includes several diving spots that include different types of coral reefs and marine wildlife.

As you can see, Indonesia has a lot to offer!

4. Stand out your CV!

Although all internships offered are unpaid due to Indonesia’s strict immigration and Department of labour laws and regulations, this is not a factor to reject an opportunity in Indonesia and grow your experience internationally.

The reason why internships are unpaid is that interns are to be invited by a legitimate host company under a social culture visa which does not allow any non-Indonesian intern to receive any salary. However, some companies offer in return free accommodation, meals and transport which means all you need to do is pay to enjoy a lifestyle of Balinese culture and travelling around to sights such as temples.

We pay for the overall experience: to grow our networking, to live in a completed different environment. So, don´t you think it´s worthy to spend some weeks even there´s no salary offered? Of course, it depends on each personal situation but doing an internship for two or three months in Indonesia it´s totally worth it.

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