The importance of intern abroad

Many young people consider whether or not to do an internship abroad. As an agency specialized in providing an international experience abroad, we want to show the opportunities that this experience can bring to the youngest.

The student should mark the goals that wants to achieve by doing those practices. For some students it may be the first time they go abroad and sometimes they have doubts or fears like, Will I adapt well on the country? Will I learn? Will I improve my skills? Is it worth going so far away? Any of the goals marked are valid to start this the adventure. The experience of going abroad is a long-term investment and only has positive consequences both personally and professionally.

What are the advantages of doing an internship abroad?


Living in a new country enriches you as a person. It is an experience that allows you to meet people from other cultures, makes you adapt better to new situations and face difficulties with another perspective. Whether you are 3 or 6 months away, living in a completely new environment will test you for new experiences that you may have. You will develop the ability to adapt to new changes which will make you a more effective person for the future company that will recruit you.

Multicultural environment

This fact is an advantage when looking for work in your country of residence and it is even an opportunity if you want to compete in the international market.

Personal development

If you have not travelled to other countries before and do not know what it feels like to live abroad … you should rethink living this experience and doing an internship abroad. It is an enriching challenge that you should live at least once in your life. This experience will teach you to live independently, will allow you to adapt easier and develop and face new situations.

Professional growth

Nowadays, we live in a competitive world in which being a student with a high academic qualification, unfortunately, does not ensure you a good job. Having one or two careers, masters, MBAS, … is not enough to differentiate you from the rest. Acquiring professional experience abroad is a differentiating point compared to your competitors, and companies value it more and more positively because recruiters look for people with initiative, and easily adapt to new changes. In addition, doing internships abroad allows you to make contacts with professionals in your sector who are always helpful in finding a job. In Mauritius, for example, tourism and hospitality students have great advantages because most of hotels on the island have accommodations in other parts of the world which increases the chances to apply for international vacancies.

The benefits of doing an internship abroad

It all depends on the goals you set. We advise students to take advantage of summers and do an internship in another country because in this way they do not lose the school year and acquire skills as well as theoretical knowledge while they study, make new friends and, of course, enjoy a new country.

One of the key objectives for the training is to improve languages. If you are a student and your language is weak, we advise you not to miss the opportunity to go abroad and practice other languages that are essential in today’s work world.

However, if you want to improve your professional skills and gain more experience in a specific area, in Mauritius for instance, you will also find the possibility of doing your internship in different sectors than tourism such as marketing, finance, export / import or engineering among others.

But do not forget that it´s an internship so it means that you will not have a huge responsibility on the first day. It is always necessary a period of learning and adaptation in the company. However, if you maintain a positive attitude and your mentor sees that your work is productive, do not doubt that they will give you more responsibility according to your position and the type of company.

What do I need if I want to do an internship abroad?

The first thing that you need is motivation to go abroad.

The second thing to keep in mind is money. Living abroad as an intern requires a few savings to cover your stay, as well as travel expenses. However, compared to a conventional trip, the cost is much lower. In addition, it is possible that in your country you receive a scholarship to study or work abroad. From Go Dodoland we advise you to not miss the opportunity and go abroad. You will not regret!

It’s never too late to embark on an adventure like this! And if you feel lost or do not know where to start contact us! We advise you for free and we will solve any doubts you may have. Doing an internship abroad is a great opportunity.

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