My adventure in The Maldives

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few days in a country where most  of the people would dream of a “deluxe” holiday, and yes, I say deluxe because the Maldives is one of the most expensive countries in all of Asia, or at least, so far the most expensive I have visited, even more than Singapore.

I visited Esther Sucrana, a girl from Barcelona who has been working for half a year as Butler in a 5* hotel and Laura Salas, also from Barcelona, who has just started her internship in the Front Office department in another 5* hotel.

In this post, I will brief you a little bit about my experience in this country to those who would like to apply to our hospitality internship program in the Maldives.

How is working in The Maldives?

Having been visiting and getting a little the working of some hotels and resorts in the country, I must say that customer service and service in detail is another level! It is known worldwide that its population lives mainly from the tourism industry and now I know why!

There are work positions that in Spain or urban hotels does not exist, for example, the “Butler” position, a kind of “personal assistant” dedicated exclusively to the client. Each hotel has some assigned butlers and these have an X number of rooms to attend when the customer requires it. I found it very curious, but of course, when the average price of a room can cost about 800-1000 EUR per night, it is logical that the customer service must be 10.

Esther Sucrana is currently working in this position. At the beginning it was a challenge for her because she was not used to this type of work and above all, working in front of the client, but luckily she loves her work! Here is a testimonial video explaining her experience in the Maldives:

The work environment in the Maldives is multicultural and in most of the hotels, there are employees from China, India and other European nationalities so it is a very good occasion to make friends and meet people from all over the world!

The working hours are full-time with morning and afternoon rotating schedules and with a day off, either in internships or job contract.

The Maldives is an ideal destination for participants within the tourism and hospitality sector who want to either start a career gaining experience in an international environment or want to improve their career and switch from an urban hotel to an “All-Inclusive resort”.

Where does the hotel staff live?

It is common for Maldives resorts to set up an exclusive place for staff in the middle of the island, or even on a separate island. In this space, the staff and interns have common areas such as a living room, laundry room, a canteen to eat, a shop where you can buy food and hygiene items, among other things as well as the rooms.

Many people ask how is the accommodation in the Maldives. The rooms are usually shared between 3-4 workers if you are lucky you may only share with a single person as is the case of Laura but it is not the usual… They are very basic rooms with bunk beds and shared bathroom facilities. Staff usually organize dinners and activities at the end of the day to take advantage of the free hours of the day and get to know each other.

In the hotel canteen, you can eat everything, although beware of spicy! In the Maldives, they are very used to eating a lot of spicy food so you should ask first to avoid possible stomach discomfort.

You will also have laundry to wash clothes although during working hours you will be wearing uniforms provided by the hotel so you do not need to wear many clothes other than swimsuits and flip flops.

Wi-Fi is usually available in guests’ rooms and common areas. The staff also have Wi-Fi in their place but I will see you that the connection is quite slow! Do not exasperate but keep in mind that you will live on an island, away from civilization, and the facilities and comforts that you have in your day to day of your city you will not have them. In return, yes, you’ll live in an idyllic place where very few are lucky enough to visit.

What to expect from The Maldives?

Its beaches, the resorts, the incredible wildlife… everything looks like a postcard, as we see in magazines, ads or on social media. Most of the clients who receive the hotels come from Asia, mostly from India, China, Singapore and, Southeast Asia and Europe, especially Russians, French, Spanish… many Spaniards!

The low season is from May to October because it is the rainy season, although I must say that it did not rain any day (luckily). In contrast, the peak season is from November to April, with the largest influx of Asian clients.

The Maldives is a country made up of 26 atolls. Its capital is Male and is the most populous city in the country. Religion is Muslim but in hotels, there´s no problem due to the great cultural diversity, everyone respects the customs and religions of the companions.

If your hotel is not located in South or North Male Atoll, you will need to take an internal flight and a boat to reach your hotel. Hotels located a few kilometers from the capital, provide transfers on private boats. It’s common for you to go to the capital for the day or order a day visit to another hotel, I assure you won´t get bored!

You can also enjoy the beaches of the hotel (the staff has an assigned and limited area ) and the great natural diversity that inhabits its islands. Sharks, mantas, fishes of all sizes and colors… If you like the sea and the beach, this is your dreamy destination! You can even enjoy the activities organized by the hotel at a special price such as boat trips to see the sunset and dolphins, snorkel with the whale shark, or take the PADI diving certification, why not?

It can be difficult at the beginning because it’s a very different lifestyle than you’re used to. You will need a period of adaptation until your life turns normalized; however, it is a challenge and an incredible experience that we encourage everyone to live it at least once in a lifetime.

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