5 Key aspects of doing an internship in Spain

Consider spending a semester in Spain is a fantastic choice because Spain is a country that combines good weather most of the year, great culture habits and booming start-ups within the technology and tourism industries.

So there´s more to discover than “Sangrias, siestas or toros”. Here are some insights that we have prepared for you!

1. Work Environment

One aspect to consider before deciding to enrol in our internship program in Spain is the culture difference and mainly the work culture involved. In Spain, for instance, companies should start operating from 9am and finish at 6 or 7 pm with a lunch break of 1 or 2 hours. This might be strange for you but in Spain many shops, restaurants are open till 9 or 10 pm as the Spanish people go out late to eat and even drink and be merry late through until the wee hours of the morning.

During summer, most of the companies run from 8am to 3pm allowing you to have more free time and enjoy the Spanish life, its beaches or having a nice tapas lunch with your colleagues. Worldwide internships in Spain are a true delight of culinary flavours, beverages and retail shopping on your downtime from work.

2. The weather

The weather is one aspect that many students consider choosing among one destination or another. Most people like a place of warm sunshine, not too hot but not extremely cold either. For worldwide internships, Spain is a very famous country globally for its good weather for almost three hundred and sixty-five days. Although during winter from December to March in some cities it might reach to 0 or even -5 degrees mainly in inland cities like Madrid or the northern territory, often in Spain you can have good weather during most of the year, especially in the coastal cities such as Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona or Andalusian cities such as Seville or Malaga.

If good weather is what you seek when considering an internship abroad, then Spain is one of the hot destinations for you!

3. Cost of living

Well, this is a key aspect to take into account when enrolling in an internship program abroad. Unfortunately, Spain like many other European countries has increased its cost of living, mainly within the accommodation and transport.

The cost of accommodation in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona are way more expensive than in other cities. For example, a room in a shared house in these two cities can cost around EUR$300-600 per month.

Where do you find your accommodation in Spain? There are sites like Idealista  or Erasmusu  where you can browse among many options as per the neighbourhood or the type of accommodation that suits you the most.

So, estimate a budget around 600-700 EUR per month to cover all the expenses if you want to apply for a professional internship in Spain. On the other hand, if you are looking for an hospitality internship in Spain, you don´t need that much budget, but we always recommend to have some savings to pay all the extras you might want ( activities, travel around Spain, shopping, etc) 

4. Transport

Moving around by public transport in the main cities is very easy and efficient! The Metro in Madrid or Barcelona works every day from 6am to 1.30 am and you can find many ticketing options.

In https://www.redtransporte.com/ conveys more information in relation to the Metro for metropolitan areas of Spain.

Another option that has become very popular in Barcelona, Valencia or Madrid is the moto sharing transport by driving an electro cycle using an APP. The most famous companies are Ecooltra, Acciona or Yego. It costs an average of EUR 24cents per minute but frequently they offer promotions to promote and share this clean and sustainable way of transport alternative to conventional public transport. Thanks to the fabulous weather you won´t suffer driving a scooter in winter and will gain the independence to move around for a cheap price. 

You can also move around by circle or even walking! Cities in Spain are not very big in general and it allows you to walk to your job every day. It’s very popular in Spain, specially in small cities.

5. Cities of Spain

If you are considering spending a semester or a summer in Spain, at GLOBIN we can help you to find your dreamy internship in the following cities:

  • Barcelona> only professional Internship fields
  • Madrid>only professional Internship fields
  • Valencia> hospitality or professional fields available
  • Alicante> hospitality or professional fields available
  • Seville> hospitality or professional fields available
  • Malaga >only hospitality internship fields
  • Canary Islands> only hospitality internship fields
  • Balearic Islands> only hospitality internship fields

We have listed these cities because of the wide range of opportunities you can find. However, if you would like to apply to another city that is not listed, don´t worry. We will help you to find the perfect internship for you wherever you want!

6. Internship fields available in Spain

What fields are available in our internship program in Spain? Well, we have many options for you!

The most popular are business-related such as marketing, consulting, finances or social media. On the other hand, we have our paid hospitality internship program in Spain available in many cities that include shared accommodation, meals and a stipend of EUR$200-400 per month.

Is there any difference between the hospitality or professional fields? Yes! Basically, the benefits provided. Professional internship fields do not include accommodation nor meals but usually are remunerated. However, we cannot guarantee that the host company will offer you a remuneration thus should not be a reason to decline to do an internship in Spain.

The requirements to apply to our internship program in Spain, the visa process and all the paperwork required is the same whereas you apply for one type of internship field or another.

You only need the right attitude: be willing to live in a different culture and willing to learn and practice your Spanish skills!


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