South Africa is a country rich in culture and nature. Its wild fauna makes this country one of the most beautiful places to enjoy its landscapes and animal life. Famous for being the place where the “Big 5” live our volunteer and internship programs in South Africa will allow you to enjoy one of the most popular cities such as Cape Town or live in the middle of nature with wild animals like lions, cheetahs, rhinos or even the great white shark.


The volunteers will help with different tasks of study and analysis within the conservation program of the magnificent White Shark.


Volunteers will help with all the tasks that have to do with the care and recovery of the animals that are in the center.


Due to the current global pandemic of COVID-19, GLOBIN has limited available programs accepting new applications. The only programs available until further notice are the hospitality programs in Europe only for EU citizens (Ireland, Spain, Malta, Greece and Cyprus). UAE and the Maldives are starting accepting new applicants but conditions can be different.

The rest of the destinations and programs are not available for the moment. However, we encourage you to contact us and book your program for 2021! 

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