Keep in mind that we do not process visa in all the countries and we are not responsible for its denial or approval. We will help you as much as we can to provide the internship letter and invitation letter from the company.
We are not able to process the visa for you, but we will assist you with all the paperwork that you may need such as internship offer, invitation letter or other documents in regards your stay in the destination of your election. 
It depends on the destination you choose. Hospitality internships usually offer the hotel’s dorms for you to stay. In the case of business internships, we will help you find a place close to the company where you’ll be doing the internship.
Business internships require 40 hours a week with weekends off (Saturday and Sunday). Hospitality internships require an average of 48 hours a week with 1 day off. Please consider that you may be working extra hours if the company or hotels requires it.
We have partnership with big and small companies of a wide variety of industries. We do this because working in big companies provide a lot of career opportunities for the students and we know how important is for some to say that they worked for a well-known company in their starting professional years. However, our experience with interns at small companies are also great since they get involved really deep in projects and have the opportunity to work close with senior level directors.
Some of our internship programs are paid. Please read each case in order to know which ones offer cash or any other compensation.
Before anything goes wrong, we ask you to give us 3 main positions for your placement to make sure we’re looking for the correct offer for you. If even after this you don’t like the offer, we ask for 3 main reasons of why you dislike it and if the reasons are valid, (E.G. University credits, specific projects) and give you a second offer. If you dislike the second offer again, the same process takes place, only this time we reconsider your eligibility in the program.
After the first interview with us, you should pay a deposit. In the following days we will send your resume to our partner companies and local offices in the country you chose. It will take from 2 to 4 weeks to have an answer from them and confirm an interview.
Expenses you should consider are depending on the program. Some examples are:
• Plane Ticket
• Insurance
• Visa Fees
• Meals
• Weekend activities
• Personal expenses
In regards to other programs, there are also some expenses should be considered before applying. Check out our programs or contact us and we will advise you for free.
GlobIn is currently offering those countries that we believe are truly potential to stand out and grow professionally. However, if you are interested in a country or city not mentioned on our website just sent us an email and we will do our best to help you.

We understand that you have always been dreaming of living in amazing cities such as LA, Hong Kong or NYK. However we cannot accept a limitness in your application process as it will reduce your opportunities to find the perfect company for you.

Yes, but not at all companies accept a couple of friends working together. When this is not possible we try to find a company close by, so you can still be housemates. Please let us know if you want to apply more than 1 person so we can advise you properly.
It’s always a pity when you have to leave your internship or any other program before what you expected because of any personal reasons (accident, sickness, etc) In case you have to leave, inform your host company about it, as well as your university and us. In case it has something to do with sickness you need to inform your insurance company too. We know that home-sickness often fades away after a while. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund in any case. You can hire a special refund policy to get some of the investment back.
In the work & Travel program that we offer, the hotels are in charge of offering medical insurance as well as registration in the Social Security of the local country, a work permit and a work contract. The remuneration varies according to the country and the position.
Yes, we have a collaboration with an important insurance company and you can be covered by many things, such as accidents, luggage, emergencies, liability (even for damage at the internship address) and legal aid.
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