All you need to know about doing an internship in the US

Living the American dream is possible now if you do an internship abroad in the US through the J1 VISA program. Why? You’ll find five reasons why you should consider doing a worldwide internship in the United States if you read on.

Stand out from the crowd

Yes, it might sound weird but the American work culture is famous for its innovation, mindset and proactivity. Also, in the US there are the best entrepreneurship hubs in the world such as Silicon Valley which was nominated during decades as the best startup ecosystem. However, more and more cities along the USA like Texas or Miami are helping entrepreneurs and startups to settle their business. Therefore, if it´s on your mind to consider doing an internship within the entrepreneurship environment, USA is one of the best destinations.

Apart from that, it will help you to gain more valuable and international experience that will be a significant benefit during your home search work. The richness of entrepreneurial gains you can make with a paid internship in the United States is vast and the US is certainly a sight to see. Depending on which city you choose for your internship will depend on the sights you can explore but rest assured there’s plenty to see and do and you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve!

Develop new skills

Living and working abroad will help you to develop new skills and improve upon your expertise as well. If English is not your native language, it will be an opportunity to improve your language skills. Maybe you are a bit shy or struggle to be independent, doing an internship in the US will help you grow in personal development.

By completing a paid internship in the US you will improved and developed soft skills such as communication, adaptability and problem-solving which are highly-important in an international workplace. These are all reasons why you should choose the US for your internship abroad and be confident that you will have a blast of a journey in one of the most advanced countries in the world.

The most demanded fields in the US

In the US there´s a boom of need in some industries. Here are the most demanded:

  • Hospitality: working in hotels, leisure parks or camps will increase your knowledge of how the hospitality industry works in the US as well as your customer service skills and language skills.
  • Culinary arts: like many other countries such as Australia, New Zealand or Canada, culinary roles have become some of the most demanded jobs. If you are a student of the culinary field from Spain, France or Italy you will have high chances of getting a job offer.
  • Business: Industries like accounts, management, and digital marketing rely on workplace experience so your chances at solid employment may be riding on how much you learn through an internship.

Location is not a factor!

We all have always dreamed about living in Hollywood or on 5th Avenue of New York but the USA is more than three cities. Miami, for instance, is armed with plenty of hospitality and business opportunities thus it is a prime choice for people seeking worldwide internships in diverse indutries. Moreover, we ask our students to be flexible because the opportunity of your dreams it might be in an unexpected place. This situation applies as well to our summer camps; no one can choose the camp´s location. Nevertheless, at the end of the camps program, all participants are entitled to enjoy up to thirty days of vacation to explore the US as much as they wish.

It is a melting pot of cultures and liveliness and so the vibrance that you bring with you to your internship abroad will be matched with the vibrance and frivolity of the US cities.

Fresher or experienced, both are eligible to the J1 visa

So, whether you are a current student or you are a professional with some years of experience, you are eligible to apply for a worldwide internship in the United States. There are two options to choose from and depending on your profile you must meet the following requirements:

  • INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: you must be studying in a college, university or post-secondary institution outside the US or be a recent graduate of less than 12 months since your graduation; the internship must be related to your academic field of study; have enough funds to cover all the costs associated to the J1 VISA.
  • TRAINEESHIP PROGRAM: you must have a degree or professional certificate from a college, university or other post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. and at least one year of related professional experience from outside the US or have at least 5 years professional experience from outside the U.S; the internship must be related to your non-U.S. professional work experience.

For further information, check out our internship program in the US to find out your eligibility and more details about thi internship program!

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