5 reasons to consider Singapore as your internship destination

Singapore has become an ideal internship location for international students in recent years, whether because of their lifestyle, multiculturalism or job opportunities.

1 - Boost economy

Singapore is a country located in Southeast Asia. The population is approximately 4.5 million people. It is fairly new to being an independent location as this was established in 1965. Since that time the government has been working hard to offer a better way of life for the people. The economy has continued to improve as has the literacy rate. They have also worked to develop quality relationships with other countries. Singapore joined the United Nations immediately upon their independence as a symbol of good faith in their efforts to promote world peace.

There are many beautiful islands found all over Singapore. In fact, In addition to its main island, the nation of Singapore includes 63 additional islands, most of which are uninhabited. The climate is also very mild all year long. People have found Singapore to be a tropical paradise away from the reality of their normal lives. Many tourist resorts and attractions have been implemented to make areas of Singapore even more attractive.

Its port is one of the busiest in the world and today has become research and development (R&D) hub, bio-medical hub, banking and finance centre and in recent times the health-care destination of Asia. So, it´s a very internship popular destination among finances and banking students.

2 - Multicultural country

Despite English is the common language used by the corporate environment, people speaks three more languages: Chinese, Tamil, and Malay. So it´s an opportunity to put in practice your Mandarin skills or perhaps learn a new one.

Singapore may be the smallest country in Southeast Asia but it has emerged as one of the best places to live in Asia with a very high quality of life measurement. Therefore, is one of the best internship destinations in Asia to kick off your professional career.

The World Economic Forum positions Singapore’s economy as one of the most open in the world so investors and companies from all over the world settled in this small but rich country to make business.

Due to its multicultural society there are plenty of festivals, events and a cultural heritage mixed up with some Indian, Chinese and Malay influences  but it also has a European cosmopolitan touch. 

So no time to get bored in Singapore!

3- Good Weather all year round

Singapore is a very common tourist location, and one of the main reasons for that is the weather. It is generally very nice there with an average temperate of 75 degrees Fahrenheit each day. One thing people do need to be prepared for is the humidity though. It is at least 70% most of the year. There are several months where it is from 90% to 100%. Those that are used to very dry areas may find it is hard to get adjusted to for the first few days.

There are periods of rainfall that you will find in Singapore as well. Generally they are in the late afternoon. This means that you can still enjoy most of the day. For a small period of time you may have some rain and then the sun will shine once again. It can cool off a bit from the breeze of the water at night though. People are encouraged to dress in layers so that they can add or remove clothing as they need to.

Since the weather is generally so mild in Singapore you can enjoy it any time of the year. You don’t have to fight to get a place to stay during the peak travel seasons over the spring and summer. If you are tired of the wind and the blowing snow in the winter time, you can relax along the beaches of Singapore.

4- The environment matters

Singapore leads the ranking of being one the most environment care country in Asia and in the rest of the world and it´s known as “The city in the garden”. There are plenty of green buildings, offices and parks which are efficiently designed and helped to reduce energy and water consumption.

So, taking into account that the environment and sustainability are very important in Singapore it´s also relevant to know the price that you pay to live in such a place, that´s why Singapore is also called “ The fine city”. Before applying to our internship program in Singapore you must be aware of the local customs and laws so you can save money.

Littering, smoking, vandalism or throwing a chewing gun can cost you up to 2000$ 

So, follow the rules and take care of the environment while doing your internship in Singapore 😊

5- Travel around

Although Singapore it´s a very small city-island it has a lot to offer! Plenty of nice restaurants and bars, charming neighbourhood such as Chinatown  or Little India  44 Michelin starts to enjoy an opulent dinner (if your budget affords) or mix with locals in hawker centres and eating delicious and traditional Chinese and Indian food.

Also, you can travel to other islands and discover how diverse is Singapore. the most accessible is Sentosa island  it has a casino, Universal Studio Park, an aquarium, sandy beaches and plenty of attractions to not get bored during your visit!

Or travel around to near islands and spend the weekend. or even to other countries such as Indonesia or Malaysia. As you can see, Singapore has a lot to offer to make you stand out in your career and enjoy a lifetime experience.

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